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Intrusion Detection

White security user panel affixed to wall with red and green lights active

Solution Features

  • Touchscreen keypad control
  • Voice activation
  • Wireless and wired operations
  • Backup power
  • Remote arming and disarming via smartphone
  • Monitoring and arming multiple independent zones at once
  • Detect glass break, door and window sensor contacts, safe and vault tampering, fences and perimeters, panic buttons, and smoke, gas, or carbon monoxide exposure
  • Integrate systems

    With a fully integrated security system to detect a variety of threats, burglary or potential suspicious behavior can be reacted to and recorded.

  • Live video monitoring

    Prevent attempted burglary with live video monitoring services that detect suspicious activity, initiate the proper responses, and work quickly to apprehend any intruder.

  • Remote monitoring

    Check in on cameras and sensors at any time via our robust mobile app and be notified in real-time when incidents are detected.

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