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Visitor screening 

Gain better access control and the ability to monitor those who are not part of your normal staff in case of any misconduct.
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Remote monitoring 

Using our robust mobile app means you have complete access to all cameras at any time to snapshot and record, playback, and store video as needed.
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Integrate security and surveillance systems 

Integrate with current operational systems to create a fluid process for alarms, threat detection, and authority alerts if needed.

Solutions for Business

Our state-of-the-art equipment and software combine to create a defense that your business needs. Threats to businesses can come from both outside and in, and our 24/7 live video monitoring and AI-powered systems ensure that there will always be a watchful eye on your space. As your long-term security partner, we’re invested in the safety and security of your business to help in your continued growth and success.

Leasing Options

Helping you secure the equipment your property needs.

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Live Video Monitoring

24/7 live video monitoring means you have agents watching at all times to initiate proper response to threats in real-time.

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Access Control

Digitally control access to exterior and interior sensitive areas for a better first line of defense.

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CCTV IP Cameras

Create a closed-circuit network of cameras to monitor and track and record interior and exterior activity.

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Intrusion Detection

Advanced detection systems can help to deter threats while keeping you informed.

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