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Monitor key areas 

Monitor the venue to ensure appropriate access, including entrances and exits, ticketing areas, ATMs, food and beverage stands, and stairways.
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Pan-tilt-zoom cameras 

Cameras placed in high-traffic and sensitive areas ensure full fields of view while providing high-definition snapshot and recording capabilities.
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Program automatic alerts 

Live video monitoring or AI-powered video systems detect threats, trespassing, or breaches to alert proper teams and authorities.

Solutions for Venues

With such a large space to attend to, our systems provide greater coverage with the use of AI monitoring software. Avoid errors caused by fatigue with smart systems that can detect aggression or suspicious activity and run efficiently 24/7 and carry an exceptional storage capacity for video playback at any time. Give your security teams peace of mind, knowing that they have a true and reliable partner in maintaining a secure facility, no matter the size.

System Design & Engineering

Creating a comprehensive security system designed for the unique challenges you face.

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Critical Infrastructure

Create a powerful security system to reinforce the safety of communities.

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Intrusion Detection

Advanced detection systems can help to deter threats while keeping you informed.

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CCTV IP Cameras

Create a closed-circuit network of cameras to monitor and track and record interior and exterior activity.

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Cloud Solutions

Store, protect, and view your security system at any time with the power of the cloud.

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Safe Cities

Integrate smart technology into city-wide surveillance networks to optimize operations and gather data.

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Security Grants

Secure funding for your business or organization’s security needs.

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Maintain order, create efficient access control, and prevent unauthorized entry with turnstiles at critical entrance and exit points.

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