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Control access

Know who accesses the site at any time of day to ensure only approved people are on the site at all times.
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Live video monitoring 

Have guards watching your site 24/7 that are able to initiate action at the first sign of a threat.
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Integrated alarm systems

Scare off an intruder with alarm systems activated by motion or live video monitoring with the ability to contact authorities for apprehension.

Solutions for Construction

When your site is constantly monitored by a digital surveillance system, threats of any kind can be deterred, and real-time and live video monitoring provides immediate responses to intruders. We won’t back down from a challenging location or logistics surrounding a large outdoor space. We’re in the business of protecting your business, from the ground up.

Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Take advanced security out to where it’s needed most.

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Talkdown Monitoring

Deter active threats by live or recorded audio to directly engage with the suspected criminal on your property.

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CCTV IP Cameras

Create a closed-circuit network of cameras to monitor and track and record interior and exterior activity.

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System Design & Engineering

Creating a comprehensive security system designed for the unique challenges you face.

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Security inside of a construction site

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