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Monitor video feeds

Wherever you are, our robust mobile app allows you to snapshot and record, create playbacks, tag suspicious activity for further review, and more.
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24/7 reliability

Have watchful eyes all day every day, powered by AI for continuous monitoring and reliable threat detection that can easily integrate into other key systems.
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High-resolution cameras 

Capture vivid video and imagery even in adverse conditions to catch perpetrators in the act.

Solutions for Casinos

Intelligent software management systems allow for multiple camera views at one time with the ability to create tags using powerful AI to alert guards of any suspicious activity. Having a fully integrated system can trigger threat and hazard alarms and notifications to be sent to any and all interested parties, creating swift and accurate responses to the variety of internal and external threats a casino may face. Create a safe and fun environment for patrons while also protecting the assets you hold. Investing in a security and surveillance system now will ensure better threat deterrent, employee integrity, and a safer experience for all.

CCTV IP Cameras

Create a closed-circuit network of cameras to monitor and track and record interior and exterior activity.

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Access Control

Digitally control access to exterior and interior sensitive areas for a better first line of defense.

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Intrusion Detection

Advanced detection systems can help to deter threats while keeping you informed.

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System Design & Engineering

Creating a comprehensive security system designed for the unique challenges you face.

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License Plate Recognition

Smart software integrated into high-definition cameras can recognize and capture license plate information.

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Security inside of a casino

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