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Create perimeter protection

Use alarm systems and real-time intrusion alerts designed to trigger a response that offers protection even in remote locations.
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High-definition, tamper-proof cameras 

Allow for video monitoring even in adverse conditions for recording, video playback, and talk-back capabilities.
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Smart detection 

Cameras offer the ability to set parameters when watching high-profile areas to detect an uncommon situation such as too many people in one area or a person spending too much time in one location.

Solutions for Data Centers

Our comprehensive security systems can integrate into current and future systems in place and are designed specifically to shore up vulnerabilities or concerns. Give customers and employees peace of mind knowing that data is safe and the facility will be smartly monitored at all times.

Critical Infrastructure

Create a powerful security system to reinforce the safety of communities.

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Access Control

Digitally control access to exterior and interior sensitive areas for a better first line of defense.

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CCTV IP Cameras

Create a closed-circuit network of cameras to monitor and track and record interior and exterior activity.

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Intrusion Detection

Advanced detection systems can help to deter threats while keeping you informed.

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Security inside of a Data Center

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