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24/7 monitoring 

Live video monitoring with talk-back capabilities deter threats or alert the proper authorities to an escalating situation while also recording evidence for use.
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Improve physical safety

Provide ample lighting and the physical presence of cameras, as criminals are proven less likely to enter a structure to cause damage or harm.
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Reduce liability 

Produce clear recorded evidence of any suspicious activity or events to reduce the amount of responsibility placed on lot owners if proof is provided.

Solutions for Parking Lots

Offering a parking lot or structure with visible cameras, ample lighting, and an access-controlled entrance and exit gives patrons peace of mind and you the ability to monitor any criminal activity. Live video monitoring or smart cameras flag suspicious activity for review, while remote monitoring allows you to view real-time video from anywhere.

Live Video Monitoring

24/7 live video monitoring means you have agents watching at all times to initiate proper response to threats in real-time.

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Talkdown Monitoring

Deter active threats by live or recorded audio to directly engage with the suspected criminal on your property.

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Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Take advanced security out to where it’s needed most.

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License Plate Recognition

Smart software integrated into high-definition cameras can recognize and capture license plate information.

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CCTV IP Cameras

Create a closed-circuit network of cameras to monitor and track and record interior and exterior activity.

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increase lot security WITH
live video monitoring

Line drawing of a building storefront with an adjacent pole with security cameras. A warning symbol and outline is identifying an intruder detected by the cameras.
Through the power of integrated AI, threats are detected accurately and quickly.
Line drawing of three computer monitors positioned together, each with implied silhouettes of camera angles. The middle monitor displays a warning symboling, outlining a specific camera view that indicates an intruder has been detected.
Live surveillance allows guards to watch activity in real-time and respond with two-way audio to deter threats.
Line graphic of a warning symboling in a circular bubble. Outlining the bubble are two icons, a police badge and an icon of a map directing the location of an implied security incident.
Within seconds, activate your response plan and alert authorities when needed.
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