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Live video monitoring 

Detect threats around the clock with active talk back and smart recording capabilities.
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Remote monitoring

Our robust app allows you to view real-time video, take snapshots and record from your device, play back video, and more.
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Maintain strict access control 

Manage highly sensitive areas that require monitoring and management to deter unwanted entry or threats.

Solutions for Cannabis & CBD

Crime never sleeps, and with our systems in place, your security never has to either. We have years of experience in this industry and understand the requirements for cannabis compliance and regulations. Protect your people, your product, and your profit from threats at any time of day with real-time surveillance, powered by AI and trust a security partner who knows how to keep up with the industry as it evolves.

CCTV IP Cameras

Create a closed-circuit network of cameras to monitor and track and record interior and exterior activity.

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Access Control

Digitally control access to exterior and interior sensitive areas for a better first line of defense.

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Cloud Solutions

Store, protect, and view your security system at any time with the power of the cloud.

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System Design & Engineering

Creating a comprehensive security system designed for the unique challenges you face.

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Security in a Cannabis Shop

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