With Imperial Surveillance, you can provide security and peace of mind for your tenants without restricting their freedom or compromising their convenience. 

You want your residents to feel safe in their homes, but you also don’t want them to jump through a lot of hoops and go through a background check just to walk through their front door.

Our goal is to provide robust security and surveillance systems that work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Your residents will know they’re protected, but they won’t have to think about it.

Imperial Surveillance has installed more than 4,000 systems in the Chicago area, including hundreds of projects for:

- Homes
- Gated communities
- Multi-tenant buildings and condos
- Housing developments
- Luxury apartments

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Whether you’re looking to protect a single home or an apartment complex with hundreds or thousands of units, creating a secure environment is our top priority. There’s no project that’s too big or too small for our team. 

When you first speak with one of our security consultants, we’ll discuss some of the areas that are key target points for unauthorized entry, misconduct, and vandalism. This will help us determine where to concentrate. The primary areas to discuss include:

- Entryways
- Parking garages
- Elevators
- Common areas

There are several ways to secure these areas, whether it’s through a real-time surveillance camera system, key fob systems, or custom access control systems.

One crucial yet often overlooked factor to keep in mind is tenant privacy. The camera view should only access public areas. Even having a glimpse of a tenant’s door could be a violation. Our team will work to design a system that provides the maximum amount of protection without violating tenant or privacy rights.

We also conduct a comprehensive study of your current landscape and overall environment to determine the best solution for your needs. For example, in our initial discussions, we’ll gather information about the following:

- Your current security and surveillance systems
- The layout of the property, including parking
- Your most significant security challenges
- An overview of your tenants and residents, including turnover rates
- Past incidences involving crime, vandalism, and tenant misconduct

In some cases, you may have a particular area on the property that needs more attention. For apartment complexes with onsite leasing offices that collect rental payments, we would recommend placing cameras in these areas.

Another factor to consider is whether you want your cameras to look conspicuous or whether you’d prefer they are subtler. There are a variety of reasons that could influence this decision. In our experience, people prefer cameras that blend into the décor when they don’t want a constant reminder that they’re being watched.

However, for buildings where security has been a problem, our clients often want the cameras to be prominent as a deterrent. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule. A high-crime area where cameras get vandalized might not be the best place for a visible camera.

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