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Multi-tenant commercial and residential properties face complex security challenges. A surveillance system, combined with an access control system, can keep tenants safe, reduce liability, and deter crime.

Property management companies wear a lot of hats. Maintaining the building and grounds, screening tenants, and dealing with emergencies are just the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps one of the most important roles of a property management company is to protect the tenants and the property against theft and harm.

Whether you manage retail stores, commercial buildings, apartments, houses, or condos, a surveillance system from Imperial will enhance the security of your building while helping owners and tenants feel safe in their surroundings. We offer cost-effective, cutting-edge technology that gives you a clear picture of who enters and leaves the property, with the ability to view the footage from virtually anywhere.

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Providing a safe environment for tenants is a top priority, and so is reducing liability and increasing your bottom line. Imperial Surveillance can help.

The media shares horror stories on their nightly news programs about unauthorized access to buildings, resulting in alarming violations of privacy and bold acts of theft and vandalism. Invariably, there’s footage of these incidents, and when the images are clear, the perpetrators are often caught.

However, wouldn’t it be even better if the surveillance system could alert authorities of the crime happening in real time so that the police could be dispatched and catch the perpetrator in action? What if these criminals and vandals were denied access to a building altogether?

While a sophisticated access control system can do wonders, it unfortunately can’t stop a well-meaning tenant from allowing someone unauthorized entry. It can’t prevent someone from propping open the door to move furniture – although it can warn security that an entry point to the building has been open for an extended period. Because of the limitations imposed by human behavior, having a top-notch security system is critical.

Having security and peace of mind are universal needs, but we also understand that no two properties are alike. At Imperial Surveillance, we will work with you to build a custom solution that puts you in control.

We design and implement:

- A security solution that meets your requirements and budget
- A comprehensive risk assessment, audit, and report
- Solutions that compliment your existing infrastructure
- Options for indoor and outdoor surveillance, including parking lots and garages
- Access control systems to provide permission-based entry to designated areas
- Remote management tools, including the ability to watch live video surveillance, manage permissions, and reset codes instantly
- Staff training and ongoing support
- A scalable solution that grows with your organization

Having an access control system installed in conjunction with a surveillance system ensures seamless integration and enhances the level of protection. We’ll also help you determine the most logical solution for image capture. Depending on the specifics of your property, we offer a variety of options, including night vision outdoor cameras, megapixel cameras, and PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras.

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