Powered by Evolution Business Technology


Powered by Evolution Business Technology

Evolution Business Technology's IDP Station is a hybrid innovation of:

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  • Thermal cameras

  • Kiosk information systems

  • A.I. algorithms

  • Real-time communication system

IDP creates an autonomous, predictive and 24/7 monitored environment.


Customizable to be completely contactless.


IDP allows detection of: Fevers, lack of mask presence, coughing and sneezing conditions

Our Core Products


Panic/Burglar Systems


Video Intercoms


Access Control


Video Surveillance

Learn how IDP Station can assist your operational response plan today!

Contact Deb Trombino, Security Sales Executive at debrat@imperialcctv.com or 224-400-8577


An A.I. system that adapts to your operation protocols:

Dedicated entry desk oversight, with such the station can ensure that the detected health threat is documented.

The process can be done by direct entry or voice field entry for a contactless experience.


A documented log of the individual with the health threat is created to develop your organization autonomous incubation period application. Keep correlated the image captured (including thermal) of the individual and condition into a record supporting an autonomous incubation monitoring database in your organization.


The person recognition documentation allows for the individual to be actively monitored in a proactive manner to ensure access during  incubation period is alerted, managed and ultimately prevented. Allowing your organization can leverage the power of IDP Station to your standards.

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Contact Deb Trombino, Security Sales Executive at debrat@imperialcctv.com or 224-400-8577
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