security cameras for stadiums and venues in chicago

What do you get when you combine large crowds in a limited space? To ensure a fun time is had by all, it takes a high level of operational efficiency to keep people safe without infringing on their enjoyment of an event.

Security personnel are on high alert before, during, and after an event. It can be a stressful time that takes an emotional toll on anyone. Now imagine that there’s an incident that could have been avoided with the right surveillance system.

Imperial Surveillance will work with you to design a system that provides the following:

  • Live video in high-definition formats
  • Access to images and video on mobile devices and select authorized computers
  • Reliable and automatic alerts for trespassing and perimeter breaches
  • Streamlined investigative proceedings thanks to high-quality video

In our years of experience and partnering with organizations in this field, we have learned that human operators can’t see everything all at once. Further, they can’t be expected to stay honed-in on a bank of monitors and alert non-stop for hours on end. This is a huge liability.

Thankfully, the recent advent of intelligent cameras means that human operators can be alerted automatically when there is suspicious or unauthorized motion. These cameras also provide alerts when something new is happening on the screen that seems out of the ordinary. In addition to reducing a venue’s liability, this feature also provides peace of mind for security personnel because they have a backup system to assist them in their surveillance.

To learn more about advances in the security and surveillance field and how you can implement them at your stadium or venue, contact us for a free consultation.

What Is Required for a Successful Security Implementation?

While each venue has unique aspects, there are some relatively universal requirements that we’ve observed across all of our projects in this niche. We realize that a stadium or large venue operates almost like a small city, and similar precautions must be taken to ensure “citizen” safety.

Some of the most common solutions we implement include:

  • Controlling the flow of the audience entering the venue and use facial recognition technology to identify potential perpetrators
  • Ability to monitor key areas, including entrances and exits, ticket stands, ATMs, escape routes, food and beverage stands, and stairways
  • PTZ cameras (pan-tilt-zoom) that provide alternate fields of view
  • Alarms that notify relevant personnel of any camera tampering
  • Cameras that are resistant to vandalism and environmental elements like weather
  • Convenient access to live and recorded video
  • Camera placement in kitchens to ensure proper and hygienic food handling
  • Thermal cameras to detect anyone trampled in a crowd
  • Gunshot and aggression detection to improve situational awareness

Access control systems are another vital part of a stadium security system. Restricting access to locker rooms, VIP suites, press boxes, and other exclusive areas can easily be accomplished with an Imperial Surveillance access control system. Our advanced technology also immediately detects cloned badges or badges that have the wrong credentials.

In the present day, security personnel may long for the days when their biggest challenges were dealing with seat jumpers and beer-fueled brawls.

To discuss what you can do to improve the safety of your venue, get in touch with us for a free consultation.






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