When it comes to retail store security cameras, the question isn’t if you can afford them. Instead, it’s if you can afford to business without them.

Did you know that businesses lose billions of dollars each year to shoplifting and employee theft? As you aim to maximize your profits, you can bet that this shrinkage is eating into your margins.

While having a security guard (or a team) on duty can be helpful in both deterring and catching thieves in the act, your team can’t be everywhere at once. Further, too much of a security guard presence can make shoppers feel uncomfortable.

However, having a system of store security cameras can give you eyes everywhere in the store. As a result, you’ll see more of what’s going on and be better equipped to reduce shrinkage.

Today’s trends in retail are scary. From “flash rob” theft to organized retail crime, criminals are getting smarter and more creative. It’s time you had a solution that stops thieves in their tracks, or at least before they can leave the store.

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In every retail establishment, there are key areas that need to be monitored.

We recommend the following:

- Storefront
- Points of sale
- Backroom storage
- Entry & Exit Doors
- Parking lots

Though every store is different, our typical course of action is to enhance security measures in each of these vulnerable areas. As part of our consultation, we’ll also do a thorough analysis of your most-trafficked as well as unguarded areas to determine where the focus should be when we map out our system.

Typically, a retail store security system consists of three components:

1. Video surveillance – Acts as a deterrent and also provides a record for reference later. Surveillance is also a valuable training tool to teach employees and security staff how to recognize suspicious behavior.
2. Burglar alarm systems – Signage indicating these systems acts as a deterrent, and the resulting noise from a breach serves as an alert.
3. Remote access control – View and control your business from afar.

Our free consultation for retail stores in Chicago and the surrounding areas includes a comprehensive security audit. We’ll do a walk-through of your store, talk about your security challenges and goals, and then review your current set up.

Once we have a full picture of your situation, we’ll present you with a plan to reduce shoplifting and internal shrinkage, while also being able to monitor suspicious behavior in real-time.

Protecting your business and keeping your customers safe is our top priority. When we design and install a security system for your business, you can expect to save money by reducing losses from theft. The combination of Imperial’s cameras serving as a theft detection system as well as a deterrent has resulted in cost savings and improved margins for thousands of our customers in the Chicago area.

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