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Whether your guest is visiting for a single meal or staying with you for a week, your top priority is ensuring they have a memorable time. They needn’t be concerned with the specs of your security system, but they should feel confident that they’re safe from harm.

The hospitality industry presents a unique set of security challenges. On the one hand, you want your customers to enjoy themselves without giving their safety a second thought. They should be able to take it for granted that they won’t be harmed, robbed, or harassed when they’re on your property.

On the other hand, hotels and restaurants are open to the general public, and virtually anyone can enter them. How do you ensure a positive customer experience when there are so many variables at play?

An advanced security and surveillance system works to deter theft and crime, while also serving to provide early warning signals when there’s suspicious activity afoot. Further, if an incident does occur on your property, a system designed by Imperial Surveillance will allow you to act quickly, notifying authorities while minimizing any fallout.

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Because hotels and restaurants have so many moving parts, it takes an expert to design a system that satisfies all stakeholders.

When we perform a site audit and configure a system, we evaluate the following factors:

  • The best way to control crowds at densely populated events
  • How to ensure both patron and staff safety
  • The most effective tools for monitory daily activity and operations
  • How the surveillance system can enhance customer service, not detract from it
  • Whether remote monitoring is needed and who needs access
  • Ideas to prevent theft and vandalism that take into account the property’s unique layout
  • How to deter dishonest employees from theft and other illegal activity
  • How to proactively reduce business liability

We also work with our clients to ensure they find the ideal balance between protecting the interests of their patrons and employees without violating their privacy or providing friction that makes their experience awkward or less enjoyable.

To find this balance, we engage in the following:

  • Setting boundaries for guest, staff, and visitor monitoring to prevent any violations of privacy
  • Staff training to ensure that the rules get followed and everyone is aware of what the security protocols are and why
  • Identifying the quantity and design of equipment to be either conspicuous and prevalent, sparse and subtle, or somewhere in-between
  • Developing protocols to deal with unwanted behavior, either from visitors, intruders or employees
  • Designing a system that meets all the security requirements for reducing liability and promoting safety while remaining within the client’s budget

Imperial Surveillance is a full-service security provider. In addition to providing equipment, installation, and access control services, we also offer a one-year warranty for all of our products and the work we do.

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