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Situational awareness is vital when it comes to providing a safe environment in prisons and correctional facilities. Imperial Surveillance can provide a reliable security and surveillance system that helps achieve this objective.

The top three goals of a correctional facility’s security usually include:

  1. Protecting inmates and staff
  2. Optimizing daily work processes
  3. Improving inmate behavior

To accomplish these goals, we typically recommend a system that is multifunctional and flexible.

  • We provide personnel with the ability to access live or pre-recorded video from any authorized location.
  • We integrate with existing access control systems and fire alarms for immediate response to a crisis, or we install our own systems based on your needs.
  • Our clients are able to reduce the number of false liability claims due to superior forensic evidence.
  • Investigations get concluded faster because administrators have access to high-quality video recordings.
  • We sell and install state-of-the-art equipment and operations at a reasonable price.

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Like any industry, a correctional facility has a unique set of security and surveillance challenges. Imperial Surveillance is best equipped to meet your needs and ensure compliance with state and federal requirements.

We’ve seen and installed it all when it comes to cameras, and we have years of experience with the following situations:

  • Installing anti-ligature cameras to prevent self-harm. These cameras work by detaching themselves from the fixtures if they detect an abnormal weight load.
  • Sourcing cameras resistant to vandalism, which helps keep your security spending on budget year after year.
  • Providing cameras with ultra-sensitive motion and sound detection technology to detect any threats as early as possible.
  • Adding alarms that alert personnel if a camera has been tampered with.
  • Installing thermal cameras that detect heat given off from bodies and vehicles, even in complete darkness.

What happens behind prison walls is often shrouded in secrecy. The general public might not know about the dangerous incidents that are often an everyday reality, but prison personnel may come face-to-face with inmate violence, drug use, and breaches of conduct.

Thankfully, recent advances in security and surveillance technology have enabled prisons and correctional facilities to add a layer of protection for inmates and staff.

Here’s a list of some of the top improvements we’ve seen in this field and helped to implement:

  • Clearer and more comprehensive visual coverage. Blurry, pixelated images and blind spots are a thing of the past when a correctional facility chooses the right system.
  • Better inmate surveillance. By monitoring inmates more closely and from a safe distance, guards can prevent incidents from gaining momentum and getting out of hand.
  • The truth can prevail. When injustice happens in these facilities, there can be visual evidence that supports the reality of the situation.
  • Officer accountability. If a guard or correctional officer behaves inappropriately, the incident can be caught on camera.
  • Reduce and prevent drug smuggling. Drugs are a rampant problem in the prison system, and they inevitably come from outside. More sophisticated surveillance systems can detect where they’re coming from and prevent future issues.

The stakes in prisons and correctional facilities are high. It’s worth discussing new security options to see how you can provide a safer environment.






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