Security Cameras for a Pharmacy in Chicago

Theft deterrence is a primary motivator for installing a security system in a pharmacy or drugstore. This motivator hits home, especially when you consider the alarming statistic that more than 30% of the prescription drugs stolen from pharmacies are taken by employees.

Think for a moment the implications of this statistic. Not only does your business face losing thousands of dollars annually to theft, but you’re also creating a serious liability if a pharmacy technician fills prescriptions while he or she is impaired.

Even the DEA has stopped to take notice of this alarming trend. They’ve pointed out that “employee pilferage” is the single leading cause of prescription drug thefts at pharmacies nationwide.

As if this information wasn’t scary enough, armed robbery and nighttime break-ins at pharmacies are also becoming increasingly common. As addicts struggle to get their fix, they take desperate measures, and these actions could potentially be avoided with the presence of operable security cameras. After all, manual loss prevention methods are limited in their scope and effectiveness.

In the worst case scenario, if the crime does occur, you’ll have a wealth of evidence that can be used by law enforcement to help catch the perpetrator.

Are you considering a new security surveillance system or an upgrade to your existing infrastructure? Contact Imperial Surveillance for a free quote.

A surveillance system combined with an access control solution can protect your business inside and out.

Pharmacy and drug store owners and administrators who work with Imperial Surveillance come to us for the following benefits:

  • Improved safety for staff and customers. Cameras serve as an effective deterrent against crime. If a bold individual does happen to act out, their behaviors will be caught on film, often providing ample evidence to law enforcement to make an arrest.
  • Ability to keep prices competitive. To remain profitable, businesses might need to raise prices to counteract the effects that theft has on their margins. This can hurt both customers and the long-term viability of the business.
  • Flexible monitoring solutions. The use of IP cameras has revolutionized the surveillance field. Cameras can be re-arranged at will and with ease to suit real-time security needs. Further, the footage can be broadcast online and accessed by security and management personnel from any authorized computer or mobile device. Footage can also be sent in real-time to law enforcement, allowing them to act fast while having a full picture of the situation.

Imperial Surveillance offers free, no-obligation consultations where we get to know your business and make recommendations about how to proceed. Here are some of the questions we’ll ask in our initial call or meeting:

  • Do you have a drive-through for prescription pickups, or is your facility equipped with a walk-up counter only?
  • Is your store a free-standing building or part of a larger outlet or drugstore?
  • How many areas should be fitted with an access control system?
  • What is the most significant security issue you currently face?
  • What, if any, security and safety measures do you now have?
  • What security challenges have you had in the past, and how have you dealt with them?

Imperial Surveillance has completed more than 4,000 system installations in Chicago, IL, and surrounding areas. Contact us to discuss how we can help secure your facility.






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