Security Cameras for Parking Lots in Chicago

Are you ready for an alarming statistic? One in 10 crimes involving property occurred in parking lots or garages.

The good news is that the Bureau of Justice Statistics also reports that the crime rates drop an astonishing 51% after security and surveillance systems are installed.

Many parking lots create an ideal opportunity for criminal behavior. Large volumes of cars create ample opportunity, and low-light situations can make victims vulnerable. To make your parking lot safer and inspire customer confidence, a surveillance system can improve the situation drastically.

Consider these compelling reasons for employing video surveillance in parking lots:

  • Deter criminals from committing acts of theft, break-ins, and assault
  • Improve safety and peace of mind for parking lot and parking garage patrons
  • Audit employees and detect unprofessional behavior immediately
  • Gather recorded evidence for law enforcement
  • Reduce your liability and prevent claims by sharing footage that supports your best interests

Ready to learn more about installing a surveillance system in your parking lot? Contact Imperial Surveillance for a free quote.

Imperial Surveillance offers state-of-the-art surveillance and networking equipment that will help improve the safety of your parking lot or garage.

In addition to providing cameras that work well in low-light situations, we also have technology that is vandal-resistant and includes license plate recognition. We believe that parking lot surveillance is a worthwhile investment and will pay dividends in both karma points and increased profits.

Here are the top benefits of setting up parking lot surveillance.

Prevent Theft

A parking lot is a potential gold mine for would-be thieves. There could be millions of dollars’ worth of “inventory” ripe for the picking. Criminals know to look for cameras before taking action, and if they spot a vulnerability (i.e., no security cameras), then they’re going to take advantage of it.

Having a network of security cameras that are operable and high-tech may deter criminals from using your facility as their hunting grounds. Further, cameras also serve other business owners in the area by preventing theft of other items like shopping carts, outdoor furniture, landscaping, and displays.

If a theft does occur despite the presence of cameras, you’ll be able to help police solve the crime by providing clear video footage and images.

Improve Safety

It doesn’t take long for word to get out in a community that a certain parking lot is unsafe. When a facility lacks consumer confidence, this can affect your ability to attract customers.

Reduce Liability

Despite disclaimers that the parking lot operator is not responsible for theft or damage to a vehicle, there’s a gray area where you can still be held liable. When you have security footage of theft, vehicle collisions, and other parking lot mishaps, you’ll have a better chance of identifying the person responsible for the action and holding them accountable.

Increase in Revenue

Dishonest people are always on the lookout for opportunities to avoid paying for something. Similar to the concept of “dine and dash” in restaurants, drivers may leave a garage without paying if they have a way to do so without damaging their vehicle.

Having a surveillance system puts you in control. Capture the license plate of the car when they commit this crime, and then decide if you would like to press charges, begin collection methods, or ban them from entering your facility in the future.

Imperial Surveillance offers the best equipment on the market and expert installation services. Contact us today for a free quote.






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