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When law enforcement needs a head start, officers rely on timely alerts to get to the scene fast. Imperial Surveillance supplies law enforcement teams with the tools they need to be in the right place at the right time.

Crime affects everyone that lives in the affected area. Business owners struggle, tourism wanes, and families don’t feel safe.

Imperial Surveillance provides a variety of solutions to support law enforcement in their endeavor to keep the public safe. Our advanced cameras offer the following:

  • 360-degree view of an area
  • Point-tilt-zoom features to get multiple angles
  • Zoom capability to capture faces, license plates, and other critical details
  • Tamper-resistant equipment
  • Network and digital recording

This type of video surveillance is more interactive than a bank of monitors that a bored member of the department is forced to watch. Instead, this network of cameras becomes a hub of actionable data that sets up first responders for success.

If your law enforcement team is facing an increase in pressure from the public, or it seems like getting favorable coverage from the media is a losing battle, consider offering your personnel connected video solutions. You’ll not only enhance your capabilities, but you’ll also improve the safety of your officers.

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When it comes to providing enhanced security to cash-strapped cities, a crowdsourced solution can be the way to go.

In one case study, the city of Atlanta partnered with local businesses and housing developments to negotiate access to their security footage. A team was able to integrate the cameras into a single system accessible to the Atlanta police department. In exchange for granting access to this resource, these businesses and housing complexes also had more peace of mind because they knew that the APD could see events happening live and be able to respond more quickly.

This case study represents a significant win for the concept of safe cities. When other stakeholders agree to work together, they can create a network for emergency responders that can enhance the safety of citizens throughout the area.

Depending on your city’s statistics and profile, we can help you develop KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure that will allow you to determine the success of this type of project. Other cities tend to focus on these seven KPIs:

  1. Response time
  2. Car theft
  3. Repeat victimization
  4. Overall crime rate
  5. Resolution rate
  6. Missing children recovery percentage
  7. Home burglary rates

Wondering how these connected video solutions work? We’ll provide a brief overview here, and we would love to have a chat to discuss the finer details.

  • We design a network of cameras (either owned by the department or connected from other sources) that have high-definition video and intelligent functions that detect threats and report incidents.
  • We add deterrents such as light and sound that are triggered automatically when a threat is detected.
  • Live operators monitor what’s happening and dispatch help as necessary.
  • First responders are connected to this network and use mobile devices to receive relevant real-time information.

Imperial Surveillance offers a variety of solutions that can be customized for the needs of your city and law enforcement team. Get in touch to discuss the details.






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