Hotels are working harder than ever to elevate the guest experience. As they strive to add luxurious touches, expand their breakfast menus, and upgrade their amenities, they should also remember the importance of security.

If one of your hotel guests gets pick-pocketed at the pool or a car gets broken into in your garage, you can bet they’ll tell all of their friends about the incident. They’re not going to remember the mint that housekeeping left on the pillow, the gourmet coffee, or the fancy bath towels.

While evaluating your security system and deciding if it’s time for an upgrade might not be the most exciting project you’ll undertake, it could be one of the most important for your bottom line.

As a hotelier, your goal is to delight guests. You want them to become repeat visitors who refer their friends and family to your property. While having the thickest bath towels in town might move the needle slightly in your favor, a security incident is bound to alienate that guest for years, if not forever.

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Most of your guests won’t think twice about your security cameras or access control systems. That’s a good thing! A competent hotel management team knows how to make their guests and visitors feel safe without impacting their stay.

The key is to balance privacy with peace of mind. You should be able to minimize or eliminate threats like theft, vandalism, and crime while operating discreetly.

At Imperial Surveillance, we provide a suite of integrated solutions for the hotel industry in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

Surveillance Camera Systems

- Digital video recorders (DVR)
- Network video recorders (NVR)
- Night vision outdoor cameras
- PTZ cameras (pan/tilt/zoom)
- HD security cameras
- IP security cameras
- MegaPixel cameras

Access Control Systems

- Customized access systems
- Key fob systems

In addition to combining surveillance with access control, we also provide real-time monitoring and remote-control capabilities, so you can monitor the property and take action from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Consider these guidelines for modern hotel security:

Focus on targeted areas. Have an access control system that keeps intruders out of areas where theft is likely to occur, like swimming pools and gyms. Install surveillance systems where appropriate.

Monitor your employees. Include cameras in maintenance areas or employee gathering areas, which could potentially uncover theft.

Use modern technology. IP cameras don’t require cumbersome wiring and are easy to use and install. They’re also less expensive than you might think.

Consider remote monitoring. With an NVR (network video recorder), you can monitor your hotel from anywhere with an internet connection, even in bed in your pajamas.

During our consultation, we’ll get to know you and your hotel. In the meantime, you can perform a self-audit to see how you’re doing. How many of these best practices are you currently following?

- Place cameras near entrances and exits so that you can see visitors clearly.
- Place cameras in areas where petty theft can occur.
- Place fixed cameras near valuable objects as a deterrent.
- If the neighborhood is considered dangerous, place cameras around the hotel perimeter.
- Restrict amenities for current guests only.
- Lock key access points, especially after dark.

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