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Hospitals and healthcare facilities need robust security systems now more than ever. At Imperial Surveillance, we believe that the technology we offer goes beyond providing security and adds value to the patient. By delivering smart surveillance and access control, we can help the industry elevate the standards of management and patient care.

Cameras can and should do double duty. Yes, there will always be a need for security surveillance. However, cameras can just as easily act as sensors to provide elevated service and proactive care.

Here’s how this concept is evolving:

Increase monitoring of high-risk patients. Detect – and even prevent – patient falls, which cost an average of $30,000 in additional fees incurred by the hospital. Hospitals can also face a lawsuit, and falls can be lessened with a proper surveillance system.

Care for more patients with fewer staff members. Make staff more efficient with the ability to keep an eye on more patients. Monitoring several cameras at once in a secure HIPAA-compliant area means nurses and doctors can focus their attention on patients who need it most.

Optimize clinical laboratory processes by observing patient processes remotely. Instead of manually checking on status and progress and then preparing the patient for the next step in a procedure, caregivers and technicians will be automatically alerted that it’s time to proceed. This streamlines processes and enhances the overall experience for patients and staff alike.

Avoid unnecessary evacuations. Evacuations from false fire alarms can be costly and inconvenient. Even when the hospital determines it’s a false alarm and halts evacuation procedures, the distraction and loud noises can be inconvenient. Newer systems, like those installed by Imperial Surveillance, help to minimize these distractions.

Provide adaptive background music. Mask undesirable sounds or camouflage private conversations by having real-time control of speakers throughout the facility.

Monitor patients remotely. Allow for physicians and patients to communicate remotely for teleconsultations and more.

Improve clinical monitoring. Sleep studies and other long-term observations can be tracked and referenced with a surveillance system that’s IP-based and not dependent on physical recordings.

Encourage more contact between mothers and babies. When an infant is in the NICU, it can be a traumatic time for both the parents and the baby. Our systems allow the parents to connect remotely with their newborn using cameras.

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While improving patient care is always at the forefront of an administrator’s mind, ensuring that there are sufficient security protocols in place is arguably even more important. 

Here are some examples of what we can do:

Detect “wrong way movement.” Sensors can detect when someone is moving into an area they’re not supposed to enter and deploy security personnel to intervene.

Deter and detect medical supply theft. The statistics around annual dollar loss per bed are staggering. Each bed costs a hospital an estimated $7,000 to $8,000 extra in theft. Drugs, medical supplies, and portable equipment are all coveted targets. Another problem is outsiders not affiliated with a patient sneaking in with the sole intent to steal from the hospital or the patients. Access control systems and advanced monitoring can drastically reduce these incidences.

Assess the quality of patient care. Patients can be assigned tags so that any footage of them is stored in a unique file. If there’s ever an allegation, this footage can be used to protect both the patient and the healthcare facility.

Monitor parking lots and drop-off areas. Being able to assess footage of these areas helps with liability cases as well as police investigations.

If you already have a security system in place, you might be concerned about having to scrap everything and start over. When you choose to work with Imperial Surveillance, however, we can easily convert existing analog systems to digital with minimal expense or impact to your operations.

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