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Federal, state, and local government agencies require a higher level of sophistication than most industries. Imperial Surveillance is well-equipped to provide a full-service security solution for government security.

At Imperial Surveillance, we service Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas with the following security measures:

Access Control

Grant or restrict access for on-site employees and guests. We offer a wide range of solutions, including permission-based card readers with advanced security protocols and biometric systems that use eye scanners to confirm identities and access levels.

Security Camera Systems

Surveillance cameras are nothing new at a government facility. All such buildings have some type of camera system in place. What Imperial Surveillance offers is next-level imaging and networking. Experience high-quality footage and images that can be accessed anywhere, whether it’s from a central control room or a mobile device. We ensure that the network is private and encrypted, so government security remain intact.

Alarm Systems

By working with a single contractor to develop a security protocol, government agencies can have a seamless security solution that integrates cameras, access, and alarms. This offers more control and simplifies security procedures. It can also help minimize cost because the need for third-party applications and bridges is negated.

Looking for a single system that does it all? Contact Imperial Surveillance for a free consultation.

Government buildings need superior security systems to keep the facility, employees, and records safe. Because this function is so critical, we recommend choosing a company that has thousands of completed projects in its portfolio.

At Imperial Surveillance, we take an objective look at your facility and evaluate your safety concerns and goals.

Typically, we’ll provide you with recommendations for the following:

  • A scalable system that grows with you
  • IP camera capability for secure mobile and remote viewing
  • A plan that prevents theft and vandalism
  • Recommendations for protecting the public
  • Deterrence best practices to prevent crime
  • Steps to minimize daily and routine security threats
  • An analysis detailing how our system reduces liability

Some of our successful security system projects for government contracts have included:

  • Libraries
  • Courthouses
  • Prisons and corrections facilities
  • Municipal buildings
  • State and federal buildings

In addition to providing security and monitoring of government buildings and properties, we can also install traffic surveillance systems. The most common applications for this project are:

  • Studying traffic patterns for civil planning
  • Issuing traffic citations
  • Aiding commuters with real-time information about traffic flow
  • Encouraging drivers to operate their vehicles safely, knowing they are being watched

Depending on your city’s needs, we can discuss the best monitoring and installation strategy. We often begin by recommending surveillance in areas that serve as major roadways or places where moving violations are on the rise.

Imperial Surveillance is the fastest-growing security integration company in the Midwest. We provide competitive and comprehensive quotes, resulting in a 75% win ratio for our submitted proposals.

Contact us to discuss your project and learn more about what we can do for you.






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