Security Cameras for Food Manufacturing Chicago

What we put in our mouths is serious business. Every day, consumers trust that the companies who make the food products they consume are complying with recognized safety practices, including cleanliness, hygiene, and safe handling methods.

One in 10 people get sick from contaminated food each year, and more than 200 diseases can be contracted from improperly handled foods. While the United States has some of the strictest requirements in the global food industry, it’s beneficial for food manufacturing facilities to employ security and surveillance methods to ensure public safety and improve profitability.

The current landscape in the food manufacturing industry is becoming higher-profile as food-borne illnesses continue to make the news and food products get recalled almost daily.

Some of the most pressing challenges facing this industry today include:

  • Strict regulations for food processing safety and compliance
  • Changing production practices
  • High employee turnover
  • Stringent sanitation requirements
  • Obligations to provide information to investigative and regulatory bodies

As food production technology advances, so does surveillance technology. Today, IP video surveillance and video analytics can help ensure food safety and compliance.

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In the security and surveillance field, achieving situational awareness has become the gold standard.

By knowing what’s going on in your facility, you’ll be better equipped to run your business and maintain safe practices while realizing a healthy profit margin. An IP surveillance system can help with the following:

  • Monitoring day-to-day operations
  • Identifying contamination points or potential hazards
  • Detecting compliance breaches
  • Ensuring animal welfare
  • Investigating accidents, theft, and tampering incidents
  • Training employees
  • Preventing theft
  • Streamlining operations

Video surveillance is nothing new in this industry, but it has become more advanced in recent years. The move to digital cameras and data capture has been one of the more notable shifts, and it has allowed businesses to benefit from higher quality imagery at a fraction of the cost. Because the surveillance be stored on the cloud, it no longer requires rooms full of tapes to find evidence.

In the world of manufacturing, the saying goes, “what gets measured improves.” So far, we’ve focused on food safety and compliance, but there’s an untapped benefit to video surveillance. By taking a big-picture look at your entire operation, you are likely to spot inefficiencies and identify areas that could be improved.

Sophisticated IP video surveillance will allow you to count an employee’s steps between stations and map out a more efficient route that will save time and, ultimately, money.

Of course, no discussion of video surveillance and access control systems would be complete without addressing theft. Raw materials, the finished food product, and even computer and electronics equipment are all potential targets for both internal and external thieves.

By keeping a virtual eye on your operations, you’ll be able to detect theft as it happens, giving you a better chance of apprehending the criminal.

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