Gyms can be a potential hotbed of liability. If someone is injured during a workout, their cell phone gets stolen, or their car gets broken into, your business could be held liable.

At the very least, you could face an unpleasant lawsuit. Having a surveillance system in place protects your business and allows you to present evidence that can protect you from litigious clients seeking damages.

A surveillance system can also protect your investment. We know you put a lot of work into perfecting your gym, from choosing the equipment to designing your merchandising area. By having a network of security cameras, you can protect yourself and your members.

If anything does happen at your health club, whether it’s theft, an injury, or a fistfight over the last available weight bench, at least you’ll have visual evidence of what happened and who was responsible.

In addition to visually monitoring the goings-on at your facility, you may also want to consider installing an access control system. There are several applications for this technology, including:

  • Granting member access to a self-service, unmanned gym
  • Designating areas for employees only
  • Creating VIP sections that only specific members can access
  • Having data tied to each person’s access card so that you can pinpoint times and dates of access
  • Monitor when employees clock in and out

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One of the main reasons fitness center and health club operators work with Imperial Surveillance is not to record crimes and unfortunate incidents. It turns out that just having cameras on the property can deter theft and bad behavior.

Security cameras are widely recognized as the number one theft deterrent available. More than half of would-be criminals admit that they avoid targeting a business or property that has cameras onsite. They instead choose a target that hasn’t taken this security measure.

This tactic works to not only reduce external criminal threats, but it also helps deter internal crime. Employees who know they’re on camera are less likely to steal or engage in other behavior that doesn’t comply with their employment contract.

We’ve talked a lot about mitigating disaster, so let’s also address how a surveillance system can improve the perception and reputation of your business.

As Americans, we want to feel safe and secure wherever we go. As long as our privacy isn’t being violated, we tend to take comfort in knowing that surveillance cameras are protecting us. This is especially true if your facility is in or near a neighborhood where crime is an issue.

To sum up, a security and surveillance system provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces liability
  • Improves safety
  • Protects your business from theft
  • Protects equipment
  • Provides access control for members and staff

A surveillance system can serve as an insurance policy that also helps boost your revenue and reputation. Find out more about how you can benefit by getting in touch with Imperial Surveillance today.






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