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Network surveillance is the most cost-efficient way to protect critical infrastructure. It’s also the best way to stop intruders in their tracks with advanced detection, verification, deterrence, and identification protocols. 

While perimeter protection is the most common application for critical infrastructure security, we also encourage you to have a plan in place to secure your entire property. With guidance and support from Imperial Surveillance, we can set up a system that will monitor multiple sites, inside and out, all from a single control room.

Whether your facility is in a densely-populated area with a large personnel team or it’s in a remote, unmanned area, we’ll provide you with a security and surveillance system that includes real-time imaging. You’ll be able to make fast and accurate decisions while also preventing wasted resources from chasing down false alarms.

Keep your employees safe and protect your business’s assets with a comprehensive plan to secure your critical infrastructure.

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The scope of the critical infrastructure projects we complete for our customers varies. No project is too simple or too complex for our team. 

From a single installation for a gated community to continuous protection of airports, utilities, or power plants, our team at Imperial Surveillance is skilled at designing, installing, and maintaining all types of security systems.

We realize more than anyone the challenges you face protecting your facility. Terrorism, theft, and safety breaches are all very real threats, and we know it’s essential to have the protection you need for safety, security, and peace of mind.

At Imperial Surveillance, we address your site’s infrastructure in three critical ways.

  1. Intrusion: We provide state-of-the-art detection and verification systems as well as access control capabilities. Keep out unwanted guests with alerts, alarms, and lockdowns. PTZ cameras are a top choice for these applications.


  1. Operations: When machinery is involved, it’s critical to be able to monitor sensors and gauges. We can set up your system to be on the lookout for any malfunctions or operations that are happening outside of a “safe zone.” From there, the system can alert personnel to address the issue. This type of system can also track trends over time and help you predict and plan maintenance.


  1. Health & Safety: Surveillance systems are also valuable in protecting what’s happening inside the facility. You’ll be able to ensure employees are following safety protocols such as wearing hard hats and acting in a manner that’s professional and appropriate.

In almost all cases, we recommend an approach that protects both your perimeter and internal buildings as well as a plan to control access for stakeholders.

  • Perimeter protection surveillance systems identify potential intruders and suspicious activity. Our advanced hardware works even in low-light conditions and complete darkness. Save money by eliminating the need for manual patrols, which can be cost-prohibitive and incomplete.


  • Area protection works to secure your entire facility, even across multiple sites. PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras can be monitored and controlled from any location, ensuring peace of mind for you and your team.


  • Access control works at key entrances to restrict access unless someone is authorized to enter an area. You can set up virtually unlimited permissions across your entire site and even monitor and control access to a cabinet in a room of interest.

Critical infrastructure security is a matter of public safety. Let’s talk about making sure you’re covered.






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