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Theft at construction sites is estimated to cost the industry millions, if not billions, of dollars annually. What security measures do you have in place to protect yourself?

Construction sites have a lot going on! The process of building something from nothing takes months of effort, sophisticated equipment, high-tech tools, and a large team of workers.

When you combine all of those elements, you run the risk of theft, injuries, vandalism, unauthorized people on site, and potentially disastrous liability claims.

It’s not uncommon to see construction sites secured by nothing more than a locked fence and a warning sign. While a perimeter fence might keep out casual thieves and trespassers, it won’t scare off a determined criminal.

Having a digital surveillance system in place is critical to protect your job site as well as avoid costly liability claims.

Imperial Surveillance has designed and installed the security and surveillance systems for hundreds of construction sites. Contact us to learn how we can help.

Once you’ve determined that a locked gate and a sign aren’t enough protection, it’s time to discover what you do need. Imperial Surveillance can help you plan your surveillance system.

In the meantime, here are some options to consider.

Access Control Systems

Locks can be configured with electronic keycards to protect onsite offices that contain computer equipment and other valuables. With this technology, you can grant access to key personnel and even restrict the hours that the door can be opened.

Alarm Systems

A blaring alarm may be all you need to scare off a would-be criminal. By having motion detectors around the perimeter or in critical areas, any trespasser will be immediately reminded that they’ve stepped on prohibited land.

Our alarm systems can also be configured to contact local law enforcement if needed. When the activity is verified on video, these calls tend to have priority over other requests that officers need to handle. The result is a higher criminal apprehension rate and a better chance of recovering stolen items.

Video Surveillance

Most construction theft happens in the dark. Current camera technology allows for night vision and lowlight conditions, so you can see the details of the criminal in the act, even if it’s dark. Imperial Surveillance can provide you with the best video technology that suits your needs. You may benefit from a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera that allows you to obtain a 360-degree view of your site while also zooming in on the details.

By investing in a solution that’s right for you, you can be more effective at deterring crime. You’ll also potentially have a higher apprehension rate.

Video Monitoring

Video surveillance is extremely valuable, but it’s not very helpful if no one is monitoring the footage. With video monitoring, you’ll have someone on-call watching the screen. When this person detects an issue, they can alert authorities for immediate dispatch.

Security Guards

You may have considered hiring a security guard, or perhaps you already have one or more on staff. While onsite personnel can serve as a theft deterrent, it’s important to be realistic about a guard’s limitations. He or she can become distracted or fall asleep. Further, it’s impossible to see everything at once, and a thief may be able to sneak past the guard undetected.

By combining video surveillance with a security guard, however, you can potentially increase your odds of keeping your construction site crime-free.






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