They say New York is the city that never sleeps, but we think this adage applies just as much to casinos. Open 24 hours a day and always “on,” these gaming destinations present operators with a whole new set of challenges.

Imperial Surveillance is up to the task. We don’t shy away from preventing cheating, theft, and above-average liability risks. We embrace the logistical challenges and work directly with our clients on the design, installation, and training for a state-of-the-art security and surveillance system.

The gaming industry faces more challenges than most when it comes to security:

Irregular lighting – Dim lighting, moving lights, and reflective surfaces require skilled camera set-up.

High ceilings – Higher ceilings mean that cameras have to zoom in to get meaningful images.

Gaming regulations – Gaming commissions have strict standards for storage and minimum thresholds for frames per second (fps).

Need for detailed imagery – If you’ve ever looked at a card and had trouble distinguishing its suit, you can probably relate to how tough it can be to make these distinctions from a camera that’s several feet away. We offer camera equipment with HDTV quality and megapixel resolution.

Room for zero margin of error – When it comes to liability risks, loss prevention, lawsuits, and accusations, casinos need to be 100% certain that they have an accurate image.

Integration with other systems – Casinos are always getting facelifts, and it’s not just the fixtures you see that get upgraded. As technology improves, casinos must keep up with the latest offerings. It can get expensive to have to replace equipment continually. With Imperial Surveillance, we offer equipment that can be adapted and scaled as your needs change.

Discover how Imperial Surveillance can help your casino up its security game.

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a brand-new security system or you simply need some minor upgrades, Imperial Surveillance can help.

One of the factors that prevent casinos from moving forward with the necessary security protocols is concern about ROI (return on investment). The sheer volume of advanced equipment required can come at a high cost. Further, security systems are a cost center, not a profit center, so they require big-picture thinking to understand and justify the investment.

Over the years, we’ve completed several casino security projects and have discovered the following justifications for a positive ROI:

Improved Employee Productivity

All industries tend to measure productivity by calculating revenue per employee. Typically, this is done by taking a rough average. However, when all employee activities are monitored on the gaming floor, management can reward top performers as well as identify opportunities to increase productivity.

More Favorable Insurance Rates

Internal loss, collusion, and theft all serve to increase insurance premiums. One study attributes 50% of all casino losses to employee theft. Surveillance systems can detect illicit employee behaviors, reduce theft, and result in lower insurance premiums.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

A pit boss might be focused only on his or her own area, but a surveillance team can identify tables that are overcrowded with people waiting to sit down. From there, management can open up new tables and create more revenue opportunities.

Advanced security and surveillance systems don’t have to be expensive to do their job. Get in touch with Imperial Surveillance to get a free quote.






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