Security Cameras for Bars and Club in Chciago

Combining alcohol with a high volume of cash transactions can present a significant security risk. Having cameras in place is critical if you operate a bar or nightclub.

You may already have a camera near the cash register or entrance, but have you considered a more comprehensive video surveillance system? Depending on your business needs, Imperial Surveillance can point you in the right direction. As a full-service security company, we offer sales, service, and installation of security cameras, alarm systems, and access control systems in and around Chicago, IL.

In addition to protecting your business against external threats, a functional security system can also detect and prevent internal theft.

Another factor to consider is the recent crackdown on sales of alcohol to minors. Your staff could be breaking the law, and unless you have proof, you won’t know until your business gets charged. Avoid the risk of facing fines or having your liquor license revoked.

Work with a qualified security team to install a surveillance system that protects your business.

Need a reason to install a security camera system in your bar or nightclub? How about seven of them?

  1. Ensure money is being handled properly. Grainy images aren’t going to give you a clear picture of how your cash is changing hands and in what denominations. If you’re being taken advantage of, you need IP or megapixel security cameras.
  2. If you have only one or a handful of stationary cameras, you’ve got several blind spots. An upgrade to a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera can give you a full picture of what’s going on at your business.
  3. Protect yourself from liability. Did that person slip because the floor was wet or because they’re clumsy? Without security footage, you’re on the losing end of a he-said/she-said battle.
  4. Get a full view, even in the dark. Bars and nightclubs aren’t known for being well-lit. Most entry-level cameras can’t capture a useful image in these lighting conditions. Consider an upgrade to a camera that lets you see what’s happening.
  5. Prevent theft. If you’ve ever tallied the monetary worth of your bar and stock rooms, you know how devastating it would be to have a delivery “get up and walk away.” A security camera placed near inventory or delivery areas can help you catch a criminal in the act.
  6. Adhere to health standards. Are your glasses being washed thoroughly before being re-used? Is your top bartender sampling the cocktails before serving them? Find out about any health code violations and address them before the city does.
  7. When the cat’s away, the mice will play. If you only observe your employees when you’re onsite, you might not have an accurate impression of their work ethic. The real test of your employees is how they conduct themselves when you’re not around. By installing a surveillance system with no blind spots, you’ll be able to watch your team from afar, no matter where you are.

Imperial Surveillance has completed thousands of security system projects, including hundreds of bars and nightclubs.

Whether you’re a small operation or a multi-level destination, we can outfit you with a custom solution that protects your business and your staff.






We offer Sales, Service, and Installation of Security Camera Systems, Alarm Systems, and Access Control in Chicago,IL & Surrounding areas.

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