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As criminals refine their illicit techniques, bank security needs to evolve to protect not only banking customers but the financial industry as a whole. Stay a step ahead with a security system from Imperial Surveillance.

Technology is moving at an ever-increasing pace. For every move the finance industry makes to add both convenience and security to their systems, criminals get even more creative in their methods of getting past these measures.

One of the most effective ways to address criminal activity is with a surveillance system that provides reliable, clear imagery. This type of system allows you to detect security threats so that you can be proactive instead of reactive.

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With Imperial Surveillance, you can finally have a flexible solution that integrates with your existing installations. We also offer connectivity with other IP-based systems, including fire alarm systems and access control systems.

We design our systems so that you can scale by adding more features and functionality when it makes sense for your business. Here are some of the areas of your financial institution that we cover:

Branch offices: Maintain the highest level of customer service while also deterring robbery, fraud, and vandalism. A panoramic camera can give you a picture of the entire area, even in less-than-ideal lighting situations.

ATMs: When the cameras are in an outdoor, unsecured location, they’re more apt to pick up vandalism and robberies. The camera itself is often a target, too. Imperial Surveillance protects your investment with automatic alerts, exceptional capture of facial details, and economical recording and storage solutions.

Corporate buildings: Back-office operations are vulnerable to both internal and external criminal activity. For this scenario, we recommend robust surveillance focused at the perimeter of the building and the main entry area. We also recommend an access control system to protect your assets.

Data centers: Though they don’t handle cash, data centers are arguably the most valuable part of the operation. They contain all of your information, including customer data. A security breach in this area can be catastrophic. Imperial Surveillance offers access control and advanced surveillance systems that are unparalleled in reliability and efficiency.

Cash depots: These facilities are prime targets for both thieves and employees. We help you protect this valuable area by making it virtually impossible for anyone unauthorized to enter without being detected. You’ll be intimately familiar with every inch of the building, inside and out, all in real-time.

We understand that as criminals adapt, technology has to outpace their ingenuity. That’s why we offer advanced security features, including:

  • Tampering alarms to notify you if the camera has been moved or the view obscured with an obstacle or spray paint
  • Recording capabilities for backup redundancies
  • Motion and cross-line detection to help you stop criminals in their tracks
  • Remote video reviewing, including the option to send live video directly to the police
  • Video protected with encryption, password protection, event-based recording, and other authentication mechanisms

We also added some recent gadgets that have upped the security and surveillance game in the areas we serve, including Chicago.

MegaPixel Camera Technology

This technology provides crystal clear images over vast areas, even if there’s a lot of motion. This is invaluable for face recognition, positive identification, and seeing all the details of a scene.

Cloned Card Detection

If an access card is cloned and someone attempts to use it, your administrator will be immediately notified. In the meantime, the card will be destroyed automatically.

Eye-Reader Access Control

These access control systems go beyond cards and key fobs. Imperial Surveillance also offers EyeLock, an eye-reader technology that reads the iris of your eye to grant access. As you can imagine, this system is a lot harder to fool than even the most advanced card readers!

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