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Pros of Analog Cameras 

  • Less Expensive – Analog Cameras are less expensive to purchase than IP Cameras
  • Compatibility – Analog Cameras are Generally Compatible with any Analog DVR excluding 1 or 2 brands.  This can make adding additional cameras a lot easier.
  • More Flexibility – There is a Larger Variety of Analog Cameras, such as Hidden Cameras & Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras.  If your Security needs are unique it may be easier to go with analog because of the large variety of cameras.

Cons of Analog Cameras

  • Signal Conversion – Analog Cameras take a digital image and converts to an analog image so it can travel back to the Recording System and in most cases it will then have to be converted back to a digital signal.    When the signal gets changed you lose Video quality.
  • Less Advanced Features – Most basic Analog Cameras do not offer a clear digital zoom and other video enhancement features.
  • Long Cable Applications are more laborious – If your Facility is extremely large, analog cameras may not be the best solution for your company.  Analog Cameras are not accommodating when your cable distances are over 500ft.
  • Possible Interference Problems – If installing a wireless security camera system, analog systems can have issues with interference.  The Result can potentially mean someone could  accidentally be viewing your cameras down the street on there baby monitor.  (For the Record : Imperial Surveillance does not sell or install wireless analog security camera systems)

Pros of IP Cameras

  • HD Quality – The Biggest advantage of IP Cameras is the Picture Quality.  The picture quality is often 5 times greater than analog cameras.  If you are using a high enough Mega Pixel Camera you will get High Definition Quality.  In a lot of cases one IP Camera can take the place of several analog cameras.
  • Superb Wireless – IP cameras use a Wireless Internet frequency like your Computer would use.  It is much more secure because it is encrypted.  The camera distances can be up to a few miles away.
  • Labor Saving – In a lot of cases you can use existing wiring and plug into local networks throughout the building.
  • No Signal Conversions – The signal is never Converted.  The Signal is always Digital unlike analog cameras.
  • Zooming Capabilities – With IP Cameras you can Zoom in on Live and Recorded Videos clearly to get a closer look.

Cons of IP Cameras

  • Cost – There are a lot of extra parts in IP Cameras to allow them to do what they do, so intern they are quite a bit more expensive.  Although, The cost has gone down considerably from a few year ago.
  • Bandwidth requirements – Since every camera on the Network has its own IP Address, the IP Cameras tend to take up more Bandwidth than traditional analog cameras.


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